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New! 1 Impressart Bumble Bee Design Stamp 6mm ~ Ideal For Metal, Wood, Leather & More

New! 1 Impressart Bumble Bee Design Stamp 6mm ~ Ideal For Metal, Wood, Leather & More
Brand: ImpressArt
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  • Create your own unique designs with this stylish Impressart bumble bee design stamp which leaves a 6mm impression on your chosen material.
  • Created by artists for artists, each Impressart stamp allows you to individualize your design on materials such as metal, wood and leather and create custom items such as personalised jewellery, animal name tags and more.
  • ImpressArt's reputable quality metal stamps are manufactured to the highest standard for durability, alignment and reliability so you can be confident of quality impressions again and again.
  • Each hardened steel metal punch also features an image of the stamped impression on one side so you are guided to stamp in the correct direction every time.

How Can You Use Them?
These impressart design stamps are ideal for stamping on metal blanks or other materials to create bespoke items such as personalized necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, purses and more.

Which Metal Blanks Should Be Used?
These stamps can be used on many soft metals such as aluminium, copper, brass, sterling silver, pewter and alkeme to name a few. Please note stainless steel and other robust metals may impair stamps over time. A range of suitable metal stamping blanks can be seen HERE.

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