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80 Grams Mystery Bag of Beads & Findings ~ Quality Mixed Jewellery Making Items In a Great Value Pack
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100 Glitzy Silver Plated Round Stardust beads 4mm ~ Ideal Spacer Beads For Jewellery Making
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5-30 Metres Silver Plated 0.8mm (20 Gauge) Aluminium Stay Bright Craft Wire ~ Jewellery Making Essentials
This silver plated craft wire is perfect for incorporating within a wide range of jewellery makin..
1-10 Metres Quality Black Hollow Rubber Tube 3mm ~ Perfect For A Range of Jewellery And Craft Projects
This quality black hollow tubing is ideal for adding another dimension to your designs and perfec..
4mm ~ 100 Hand-Mixed Sparkling Swarovski Crystal (5328) Xilion Bicone Beads ~ May Include Popular Colours Crystal AB, Peridot, Jet, Rose etc
These genuine Swarovski Xilion crystal beads are ideal for adding a touch of sparkle and glamour ..
20 Loops Strong Stainless Steel 0.6mm (24 Gauge) Bracelet Memory Wire ~ Jewellery Making Essentials
This quality coated bracelet memory wire is ideal for creating interesting bracelets (as seen in ..
20-100 Mixed Large Hole Wooden Ethnic Hair Or Stringing Barrel Beads 16mm With 7mm Holes~ Lead Free For Stylish Designs
These are a lovely mix of unusual, patterned, lead free, wooden barrel beads to enhance your desi..
Ocean Blue Deluxe Glass Bead Mix + FREE Bonus Metal Beads ~ 400+ Beads Including Pearls,Rare Lampwork, Seed + More
This is a premium pack of quality blue mixed glass beads incorporating a uniquely hand-mixed medl..


Beads have always been appreciated and traditionally were used as a form of currency to support trade in many parts of the world. Today they are used largely for decorative purposes, however, their appeal remains strong, with new variations being created all the time.

Below you'll find quality beads for adult and children's jewellery making and craft projects; from those that glow in the dark to large hole wood,  we have a range to suit many innovative designs.

5 Things To Consider When Buying Beads?

  1. The Bead Size ~ Understanding scale in jewellery making can take time, however, incorporating the correct bead sizes can make all the difference as a necklace made from round 20mm beads would be quite bold whilst a 6mm necklace would be considered dainty. There are tools such as The Beadsmith Bead Ruler that can assist in judging bead sizes and calculating the number of beads per inch so that you can plan out all bead sizes before embarking on a project.
  2. The Audience ~ There are particular beads that are suited to certain groups for example our children's beads tend to be very colourful, have large holes so they are easy to string and all of our wood beads are lead free for safety. If you are designing for adults you have more scope and options, however,  each group will have their own needs, for example in bridal jewellery, you may wish to use high quality sterling silver findings and the finest crystals. Also if designing for someone with sensitive skin then sterling silver and nickel free beads are a must.
  3. The Design ~ There is a huge array of beads to choose from which can co-ordinate with many design ideas. If you are looking to create earthy and natural looking jewellery then wood, shell or semi precious beads may suit whilst for intricate bead work, tiny seed beads or multi hole Arcos Par Puca beads would be ideal.
  4. The Size Of The Bead Hole ~ This is probably the most important measurement we seek out when designing as knowing the size of the bead aperture affects not only which stringing materials we can use but also the time and complexity likely to be involved in creating a design. Some bead holes can best be threaded using needles, whilst others have naturally large holes such as wood however, in the event that a bead hole is too small, certain beads made of glass, pearls and wood can be enlarged using bead reamers.
  5. Your Budget ~ If you're new to jewellery making and working with beads you may want to experiment with less expensive acrylic or glass beads before designing with more expensive crystals or semi precious stones. If you are an experienced jeweler or looking to sell on your creations you will want to consider the cost of your raw materials and your budget for beads carefully in order to make a profit.

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